The 7 Best Things to Buy in March

By Barbara Pronin


March brings St. Paddy’s Day – a time for the wearing of the green. But it’s also a good month to save some green, consumer advocates say, as it’s a transitional month and every change of season brings bargains.

As winter begins to give way to spring, look for these good March buys:

Winter gear and clothing – Retailers need to clear the decks for spring and summer merchandise, making March a good month to save the most on winter outdoor gear and clothing. Look for clearance prices on winter sporting goods and warm jackets in sizes your kids can wear next wear.

Chocolate – Coddle your sweet tooth, as the calendar window between Valentine’s Day and Easter brings reduced prices on chocolate. Get some now before the candy shelves are restocked with chocolate bunnies.

Frozen foods – March is National Frozen Foods Month, so watch for big sales at your local market and stock up big at some of the lowest prices of the year.

Last year’s model TVs – With the Super Bowl behind us, and new models slated to appear soon, watch for big sales now on last year’s TV models.

Small electronics – According to Consumer Reports, March is a also the time to find bargains on things like digital cameras, MP3 players, DVD and Blue-Ray players before newer models are shipped to stores.

Luggage – People tired of being cooped up at home begin thinking about summer vacation. Retailers know that, and they play into our dreams with pre-season sales on most types of luggage.

Travel and leisure – Resorts and cruise lines also lure us in March with pre-season savings on tours and travel packages. Check with a travel agent or look online to find deals in places where prices will likely go up as summer nears.

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2014. All rights reserved.