5 Exterior Projects Sellers Can't Afford to Overlook

By Keith Loria

If you’re looking to get your home sold quickly
and for the best price possible, making a good first impression is crucial.
While getting your home’s interior in tip top shape is an important piece of the
puzzle, the exterior of your home can’t be overlooked.

Here are five
exterior projects that all home sellers should deal with before putting their
house on the market.

1. Landscaping. Look around your
neighborhood and see if your yard stands out among the others. If not, there are
plenty of easy fixes that aren’t too costly. Start by planting some shrubs and
flowers. Choose a colorful palate for the flowers and choose those that are easy
to care for. In addition, make sure your lawn is mowed and remove any leaves and
debris from the yard. Be sure to mulch if needed. You want potential buyers to
see a beautifully manicured lawn that ultimately sets the mood for the rest of
the house.

2. Painting. Since exterior paint jobs
require more time and effort than painting the interior of your home, it’s
normally a good idea to go with professionals. While you won’t need to drop a
lot of money to paint your home, real estate experts believe that it’s an easy
return on investment. If the color on your house is fading, you should consider
sprucing it up with paint. Be sure to choose a color that works well in your
neighborhood and check with your agent for suggestions as to what colors sell
best (right now yellow seems to be hot!).

3. The
One of the biggest wish-list items for buyers is a big
backyard for kids or dogs to run around in. Make sure to clean your yard and
keep it maintained so that prospective buyers can envision using the space. It’s
important to make the yard look as spacious as possible, so you may want to
consider getting rid of that old tree house or swing set. For those with pools,
make sure they are clean and the water is blue.

4. Roof Work.
Roofs aren’t always something homeowners think about because they
typically last for a long time, but every prospective buyer will eventually ask
how old the roof is. This doesn’t mean you need to add a whole new roof, but if
you have broken shingles or a leak, fix them. Things like this will come out
during the inspection anyway, so if you take care of problems ahead of time, it
could save you from having to come down in price. Also, if you have skylights,
take the time to clean them while you’re concentrating on the

5. The Front Door. You don’t need to get a new
door, but make sure the one you have is clean and painted if needed. Fix any
springs that may make the door close quickly and make sure screen doors aren’t
ripped. Also, check to make sure house numbers aren’t falling off and that the
doorbell works. Add a new welcome mat and your entrance way is set.


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