Real Estate Marketing Strategies: From Procrastination to

By Dr. Maya Bailey

If you are currently suffering from
procrastination, let’s explore why and what you can do about

You don't love what you do and you're not excited about

If you are not eager to work, it can be because you're
thinking about the money you don't have and the money that you need to make. The
need to make money only appeals to your prefrontal cortex not your heart. This
does not give you a strong enough motivation to get you to do the things you
need to do in a timely manner.

In addition, when you're desperate to make
money, you’re sending out a negative vibration of scarcity. What you get back is
what you send out; more scarcity. Then you're in a vicious

Remember that you are in a service business. When you wake up in
the morning, you should be thinking "who can I help today?" If you really put
your heart and soul into the joy of contributing to another person's life, I
guarantee that you will be proactive in everything you do and the
procrastination will simply fade away.

You need to do whatever you can to
love your business, to get excited about helping people, and release any mental
blocks that get in the way. The sooner you do that, the sooner your business
will grow.

If you’re asking yourself; "why am I not excited about my
business?” The answer is simple.

You have self-limiting beliefs that
stifle your confidence, that make you afraid of success, that make you believe
there is never enough money, and that make you believe that prospecting is

Here are the most common self-limiting beliefs that people
have; look at these and ask yourself if any of these ring true.

• I'm not
good enough.
• I need to be perfect to be okay.
• I'm not worthy.
• I
need to push myself to succeed.
• I don't have what it takes to

Remember: these are not facts, they are just beliefs and beliefs
can be changed. Also remember that you may not feel these 100 percent of the
time, you may only feel them 1 percent of the time, but nevertheless, they need
to be checked.

Here's the good news, it doesn't matter how many
self-limiting beliefs you have. They were installed in your subconscious mind
when you were growing up, and they are not the truth about who you are.
Therefore, they can be changed. It's not your fault the self-limiting beliefs
are in there in the first place, but it is your responsibility to release them
and reprogram them instead of carrying them around as extra baggage as you go
through your life.

Here are the most common self-limiting beliefs about

• Being successful means working long hard hours, struggling and
• Being successful means I won't have balance in my life.

Being successful means that people will be jealous of me.
• If I am
successful, I’ll lose my core identity.
• If I am successful, I will be

Can you understand how this connects to procrastination?
Obviously, if you are afraid of success and you have these beliefs about what
success does to you, then doesn't it make sense to procrastinate?

you procrastinate, you are sabotaging your success. Consciously, you want to
overcome your procrastination, but subconsciously, these beliefs are really
running the show.

Here are some common self-limiting beliefs about

• There is never enough money.
• I don't deserve to have
• Rich people are greedy.
• Money is the root of all

The problem is they're not true. We don't live in the universe of
scarcity; we live in a universe of abundance. If you believe that there is never
enough money, then you will create a life in which there is never enough money.
Is that what you want to do or would you rather believe in abundance and thereby
attract abundance to you?

Let's take the Belief that "rich people are
greedy". If you really believe that, then your subconscious mind would be
working against you because it does not want you to become a wealthy person.
From the subconscious mind’s perspective, you being a wealthy person would make
you a bad person.

Here are some self-limiting beliefs about prospecting.

• I'm bothering people.
• I will be rejected.
• People will think
that I'm a "pushy salesperson."
• Prospecting is begging.

If your old
beliefs is, "I'm bothering people”, then your Empowered belief would be "I am
helping people”. If your old beliefs is, "If I'm successful, I'll be
overwhelmed", then your Empowered belief would be “I create success by working
smarter, not harder”.

What is the way out? Get some help to
reprogram your subconscious mind. You won't believe how good you feel when you
release these old outdated beliefs.

In mindset coaching, we go
far beyond that. We not only find out what self-limiting beliefs you have, but
we find out about the origin of them in your childhood. Then we question whether
those beliefs are currently helping you or hurting you and most of time you'll
find out that they're hurting you.

I was working with a client recently.
In one of our coaching sessions, she admitted to me that she felt very
complacent about her business. When I asked her to tell me more, she said that
she really wants to enjoy her life and not work very much.

She went on to
say that her real goal is to make $100,000 each year, but that she's been
struggling to try to make $250,000 a year. I asked her, "Why the difference"?
She was very honest with me in explaining that other people expected her to make
$250,000 a year, like her broker, her mentor, and her friends. They all told her
that she needed to "live up to her full potential.”

The truth of the
situation was that she really just wanted to have balance in her life and not
have to work very hard. I assured her that if she kept struggling to earn income
that wasn't really her ideal, then she wouldn't be able to succeed.

goal and your definition of success need to be uniquely your own. If you are
doing it for any reason other than because you want to, it won't work and you
will create complacency, struggle, and procrastination.

You could have
the right mindset, and the right action steps, but still be sabotaging yourself
by not attending to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. The
trick is to find the balance in your life that works for you. Here's the TIP: if
you have moments of joy throughout your day, then you're probably on the right track.


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