How to Make Your House Marketable

Small improvements can make a huge difference in how much your home sells
for. Pillar To Post is the leading home inspection company in North America,
according to Entrepreneur Magazine. Here are five tips from Pillar To Post for
making your home more marketable:


First impressions: The first thing a potential buyer is
going to see is the outside of your home. Make it count. Make sure the outside
of your home is freshly painted, that the landscaping and the lawn are well
manicured and that toys and other clutter are removed. Putting a layer of mulch
on gardens and other non-grassy areas is an easy improvement that doesn’t cost
that much. It not only makes your yard look nicer, but it also helps prevent


Paint: A fresh coat of interior paint is one of the easiest
ways to increase your property value. A light, neutral color makes your home
look larger and prevents potential buyers from worrying about their belongings
not “going” with your home.


Staging is everything: You’ll want to remove larger pieces
of furniture and other clutter to make your home look as big as possible. You
should also make sure dishes are clean and put away, clothes are neatly hung in
the closets and towels in the bathroom and kitchen are clean and nicely folded.
You should also remove personal items, such as photos and knick-knacks, so it’s
easier for potential buyers to imagine what their stuff will look like in the
home. Replacing stained carpeting and outdated tile floors is another easy fix
that instantly adds to your home’s value. You’ll also want to make sure all
light bulbs work, particularly in closets and other dark spaces.


Update the kitchen and bathroom: Update older appliances and
fixtures. If this isn’t in your budget, updating the hardware on the cabinets
and sinks is an inexpensive way to give them a more modern look.


Hire an inspector: It’s a good idea to hire an inspector to
come out before listing your home. You don’t have to fix everything, but it
allows you to be up-front with potential buyers, so there aren’t surprises later





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